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  M: It's that English grammar is really quite easy. For example, it doesn't have dozens of different endings for its nouns, adjectives and verbs, not like Latin, Russian, and German for example.




  土豪以前指欺压佃户和仆人的乡村地主,现在用于指花钱如流水或喜欢炫耀财富的人, 也就是说,土豪有钱,但是没有品位。大妈是对中年妇女的称呼,但是现在特指不久前金价大跌时大量购买黄金的中国妇女。

  Activities of the mind and higher-order reasoning are processes of deep and careful consideration. They take time, and do not go hand in hand with the fast speed in today’s world:fast foods, instant coffee, and self-developing film. If you are among the people who believe that speed is a measure of intelligence(智力),you may learn something new from a story about Albert Einstein. The first time Banesh Hoffman, a scientist, was to discuss his work with Albert Einstein, Hoffman was too nervous to speak. But Einstein immediately put Hoffman at ease by saying, “Please go slowly. I don’t understand things quickly. ”



  The main reasons for this are as follows. To begin with, everything you did in the contest inspire me for a really long time. Because of your encouragement and achievement, I made my decision to take the Contest in In addition, all the books and suggestions you gave me during my preparation help me a lot. Without your help, how could it be possible for me to won the contest? Last but not least, everything you taught me encourages me to be an English teacher and influence an increasing number of college students.

  同性恋伴侣和异性恋伴侣一样要克服相同的困难。他们要面对家庭劳动分工、家庭权力、性关系和金钱等问题。另外, 像那些与不同种族的人结合的伴侣一样, 同性恋伴侣还要面对因社会对同性恋关系的歧视所引发的其他问题。曾有一次盖洛普民意测验, 调查美国公众对情投意合的成年人之间的同性恋关系是否合法的观点, 结果发现从20 世纪70 年代中期到90 年代末, 认为同性恋关系不合法的人数比例在不断攀升。因此, 同性恋家庭不仅要应付与其他家庭相同的问题, 而且还要面对一个充满敌意的社会环境, 并应付同性恋关系。

  参考译文:With China’s reform and opening up, many young people tend to hold Western-style weddings these days. The bride wears a white wedding dress at the wedding, because white is considered as a symbol of purity. However, in traditional Chinese culture, white is often used in funerals, so be sure to remember that white flowers must not be used as a gift to the patient, especially not to the seniors or patients in critical conditions. Similarly, the cash gift cannot be packed in a white envelope, but in a red envelope.

  Rural life ideals reflected in Chinese arts and literature is an important feature of Chinese civilization. This is largely attributed to feelings of Taoism to the nature. There are two most popular themes in traditional Chinese paintings. One is various scenes of happy family life with the elderly drinking teas and playing chess, men plowing and harvesting, women sewing and weaving, or children playing outdoors. The other is a variety of fun in rural life with a fisherman fishing on the lake, farmers cutting firewood or collecting medicinal herbs, scholars reciting poems or painting pictures under a pine tree. These two themes represent separately Confucian and Taoist ideal life.

  Since the reform in 1978, China has developed from a planned economy to a market-based economy, experienced rapid economic and social development. An average of 10 percent of GDP growth has helped leading more than five hundred million people out of poverty. The United Nations “millennium development goals” have reached or are about to reach in China. At present, China's Twelfth Five-Year Plan emphasizes the development of services and solutions to environmental and social imbalances. The Government has set a target to reduce pollution, improve energy efficiency and improve access to education and health care, and extend social support network. The current 7% annual economic growth target of China demonstrates that the government attaches great importance to the quality of life rather than the growth rate. 

  Although many people do not think of homosexual relationships as resulting in a family, it has been estimated that about one of five gays and one of three lesbians enter a homosexual marriage. The marriage may or may not be established by a formal ceremony. One male couple , for example , after four months of cohabitation3, went to Mass4 and let the service be their private ceremony of commitment. They used the term marriage to describe their relationship. They bought matching rings and verbally agreed to be sexually faithful, to emotionally support each other, and to have equal say in such matters as finances.

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